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Story Boards Installation
Seattle, Washington

Through an installation featuring oral histories, music, and art, Story Boards shares the personal stories of residents of Seattle’s Central District.
El Centro de la Raza
Seattle, Washington

El Centro de la Raza is the leading voice and a hub for Seattle and King County’s Latino community. Through a comprehensive set of programs and services, El Centro empowers members of the Latino community as fully participating members of society. 
Rainier Beach Action Coalition
Seattle, Washington

In parallel with building improvement project work performed by the architect for RBAC's Food Innovation Center, the AWBS team is studying site and exterior improvements which can also support the project. These could include a street mural, exterior facade painting design, plantings, and other street improvements.
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The BLOCK Project
Seattle, Washington

AWBS works in collaboration with Facing Homelessness to bring safe and dignified housing to people experiencing homelessness in the City of Seattle. BLOCK hosts families provide homes as a compassionate and collaborative solution for a person experiencing homelessness.
Deboche Nunnery
Khumbu Region of Mt. Everest, Nepal

AWB is supporting the critical renovation of the Deboche Convent, one of the oldest Buddhist nunneries outside of Tibet. The project will work on renovating the living quarters and the design of a new meditation center.
Hinge House
Seattle, Washington

Architects Without Borders-Seattle volunteers worked with Sawhorse Revolution to develop a design for a tiny home to be located in one of Seattle’s Nickelsville communities. This home is one of the components in Sawhorse Revolution’s larger project, the Impossible City – a project to build houses and needed infrastructure...
Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association
Seattle, Washington

Architects Without Borders was approached by the Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA) – a vibrant non-profit community hub in North Seattle  to convene a design charette on behalf of PNA.
Habitat for Humanity
King County, Washington

AWB has maintained an active relationship with Habitat for Humanity – Seattle/South King County and has been involved with several projects, which in some cases are ongoing.

Helping Link
Seattle, Washington

Helping Link-Một Dấu Nối, located in Seattle is a Vietnamese community center supporting and strengthening the local Vietnamese community. The center began as an organization providing English language classes to the Vietnamese community in partnership with students from the UW.
Sibling House
Seattle, Washington

Sibling House is a local non-profit organization providing support to licensed foster and relative placement homes in an effort to keep the kids together while in foster care. Support includes mentoring and support for the caregivers, clothing, furniture...
Child Academy
Tembisa Township, South Africa
AWB's help was requested to develop a design concept to build a security wall to surround the school to keep students safe from random violence. The school also sought landscape support to create opportunities for food cultivation.
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