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Annual event.

The Book Sale is a unique event where we make available a curated selection of used architecture and design books at budget-friendly prices. This initiative aims to provide students, design professionals, and arts enthusiasts with an opportunity to acquire valuable resources. All the books featured in the sale have been generously donated, contributing to the repurposing of materials and saving resources of production.


Architectural Experience Program hours.

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For volunteers who are architectural license candidates, the Architectural Experience Program (AXP), administered by NCARB, is a requirement in most jurisdictions for professional licensure. AWBS is an NCARB pre-approved Community-Based Design Center opportunity - When volunteering at AWBS you may earn up to 320 AXP hours for your volunteer service. 


Be part of the team.

Our organization thrives on the dedication of volunteers who lead and manage our efforts. We take pride in celebrating the diverse talents and backgrounds of individuals who contribute their time towards fulfilling our mission. We extend a warm invitation to anyone passionate about putting their knowledge into service, fostering continuous learning, and personal and professional growth.


Committee Meetings

Hosted once each month.

Every first Tuesday of the month, AWBS hosts  its Project Committee meeting, providing a public platform for our team members to discuss ongoing projects and share updates on their progress. These gatherings occasionally feature distinguished guests from the architecture and non-profit sectors, shedding light on relevant topics or current projects. We welcome everyone who is interested in learning about AWBS's impact, and we especially encourage potential volunteers to attend, offering them the opportunity to discover more about our organization and how they can contribute.


Carve for a Cause

Annual event.

Carve for a Cause is an annual pumpkin carving contest hosted by AWBS, designed with a dual objective: to raise funds in support of our ongoing projects and to engage the arts and architecture community in a fun and creative endeavor, making it a festive and impactful way to give back.

Stay tuned for our next Carving contest!

Child Academy
Tembisa Township, South Africa
AWB's help was requested to develop a design concept to build a security wall to surround the school to keep students safe from random violence. The school also sought landscape support to create opportunities for food cultivation.
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