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Project Type

Workflow improvements

Project Location

Seattle, WA

Project Partner

Sibling House

Project Start Date


Project Team

Veronica Finney

Andrew DeFlorio




Sibling House is a local non-profit organization providing support to licensed foster and relative placement homes in an effort to keep the kids together while in foster care. Support includes mentoring and support for the caregivers, clothing, furniture, household needs, enrichment activities such as funding trips to the zoo, aquarium, museums, movies, sporting events, little league and other physical activities. The Sibling House Project Sheltering Tree Program provides support for educational tutoring and advocacy to kids that are below grade level.


Initially based in Kirkland a new location Sout King county was recently added in Renton to serve families in that area. SKC Sibling House is operated out of a small garage where donated items are collected, catalogued, sorted, and distributed to foster care families providing homes specifically for siblings. Donations are received from individuals, churches, local business, and local scout troops.


In fall of 2012, Sibling House approached AWB for assistance in re-working their existing space to allow for easier acceptance, storage, cataloguing, and distribution of donated items. Workflow, security, heat, and evaluating future opportunities for expansion were key aspects to this project. AWB volunteers worked with Sibling House on affordable simple solutions to maximize the use of their space, improve the flow of drop-off and pick-up of donated items, and evaluate options that could be accomplished within their funding sources.


In early summer of 2013, AWB volunteers participated in a build day Sibling House conducted with their volunteers. A new insulated garage door and window replaced the old window and garage door. A simple shelf system was installed within the space and a new outdoor storage unit was procured to house drop-off items and packages ready for pick-up. These improvements are making it easier for Sibling House to support foster homes in their efforts to provide for children in foster care.

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