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Story Boards 


Project Type


Project Location

Seattle, WA

Project Partner

Wa Na Wari and Yirim Seck 

Project Start Date


Project Team

Yirim Seck

Jill Freidberg

Elisheba Johnson

Perri Rhoden

Ekram Hassen

Jimmy Juricevich

Geoff Piper

Stephen Yamada-Heidner

Kristine Matthews

Meg Graham

Marta Bernstein

Lindsay Franzick

Eli Kahn




Through an installation featuring oral histories, music, and art, Story Boards shares the personal stories of residents of Seattle’s Central District.

Story Boards was presented at the Seattle Design Festival in August, and installed at the Walk the Block arts festival in September 2023.

This Installation includes perspectives on gentrification, as well as stories of innovation, tenacity, solidarity, celebration, art, and beauty, asking visitors to reflect on the way they think about community - what it means to have it, and what it means to lose it. Story Boards was created in collaboration with Wa Na Wari and the Shelf Life Community Story Project, as well as artists Yirim Seck and Perri Rhoden.

Story Boards was awarded funding by the 2023 Festival Planning Team, for demonstrating alignment with SDF’s community engagement  goals.

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