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Welcoming Center for Infants in Distress – Burkina Faso

About this Project
The Welcoming Center for Infants in Distress is a facility that will support the Infants in Distress program to expand its ability to provide nutrition and health services to infants, education and support to families, and outreach to the local community.

Infants in Distress currently operates out of cramped rental facilities and seeks a durable, permanent home. The new facility will provide dedicated rooms for 20 infants to stay semi-permanently (until they are healthy enough to transition back to living with their families or local foster care), including a neonatal intensive care unit for five infants. The facility will provide doctors, nurses, and staff adequate work, storage, and other ancillary spaces to meet their needs.

The project serves as a prototype, which is possible to recreate in the region and beyond, where communities have similar needs. 

Volunteers Needed:  Three Project Team Volunteers


Skills + Experience Needed

CAD, Design Development, 2-5 yrs

Start Date


Project Duration

6 months

Project Team Location + Schedule

Seattle, Meeting Weekly

Total Hours Needed


Disciplines Required


Interior Design

Landscape Architecture

Interested in applying to be a Team Project Volunteer?

Please complete this application, and for questions, contact Project Lead Gabby Quijada at

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