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Project Type

Health Clinic

Project Location

Sierra Leone

Project Partner

Engineers Without Borders

Puget Sound Professional Chapter

Project Start Date


Project Team

Buzz Tenenbom - Project Lead

Megan Altendorf - Project Lead

Sofia Lankinen

Mahboobeh Shamsian

Logan Hanson

Alex Bautz

# of AWB Volunteers



The health clinic for Wai Community in the south of Sierra Leone was burnt to the ground during civil war in 2011.  The absence of a dedicated medical facility since then has resulted in numerous community health challenges including high maternal and infant mortality. A new clinic will be an essential facility in addressing these health challenges and will provide critical medical care for women and children, as well as the general population. 


AWBS’ role was to develop the program and design a sustainable structure. The project, now under construction, includes exam rooms, surgical areas, meeting rooms, a clinical hall, offices, a kitchen and a semi-public courtyard for families. The project includes natural ventilation, rainwater harvesting, composting toilets, and solar photovoltaic panels for electrical power.


This is an active project. The first phases of construction began in 2022 and are currently underway

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3D Views of design
vicinity plan
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