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Volunteer Position: AWB Project Committee Co-Chair (Vetting)
Job Description


About Architects Without Borders Seattle (AWB)

Founded in 2005 by a group of Seattle architects and designers in response to a devastating tsunami, Architects Without Borders Seattle is part of an international coalition committed to providing pro bono services to build strong communities. AWB Seattle is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. Volunteers are fundamental to our work as all of our project work is completely volunteer led and assisted.


AWB Mission and Values

AWB volunteers collaborate with underserved communities to deliver ecologically sensitive, culturally appropriate, life-changing design.

Core Values:

  • Appropriate design solutions are vital to communities and the environment

  • Collaborative long-term relationships with communities are essential to providing effective design assistance

  • Exchange of knowledge and skills can empower both communities and designers

  • Interdisciplinary teams create innovative and insightful projects

  • Volunteer passion, energy and efforts make our work possible


About the AWB Project Committee

Volunteers perform the substantive project work of AWB. Volunteers support the vetting and intake of new projects, and execute design work for projects locally and internationally. Volunteer Project Leads establish and maintain contact with AWB clients, and oversee projects from beginning to completion. Project Leads assemble teams of volunteers based on the needs of the project they are managing.


Once a month, volunteers engaged in the work of AWB gather for a Project Committee meeting to provide updates on their work and receive support for their projects through idea sharing and collaborative guidance from other AWB volunteers. Two Project Committee Co-Chairs lead the Project Committee.

Responsibilities of Project Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Project Committee Co-Chairs work together and support each other, but divide their responsibilities. One Project Co-Chair focuses on support for vetting projects, and the other Co-Chair focuses on support for projects in progress

  • Communicate organization and project needs with AWB’s volunteers

  • Facilitate monthly Project Committee meetings

  • Provide support for project vetting and project work

  • Manage intake of new project requests and assign potential projects for vetting by volunteers

  • Act as a link between the Project Committee and AWB Board by regularly communicating with the AWB Board Project Operations Committee (POC) to support project work of AWB

  • Attend events and act as an ambassador for prospective volunteers

  • Help track monthly volunteer participation


Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong communications skills, written and oral

  • Project management experience in architecture or a related field

  • Ability to prioritize tasks

  • Detail-oriented work style

  • 6+ years of professional architectural design experience (or related field)

  • basic computer skills

  • passion for life-changing design


Time commitment
15-20 hours per month with a minimum 1 year commitment

Monthly Meeting Time and Location

Project Committee meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month from 6-8PM at AIA Center for Architecture and Design (1010 Western Ave, Seattle)

Application Process
Please send a statement of interest, plus a comprehensive LinkedIn profile or your resume to AWB Executive Director, Melissa K Neher at

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