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Project Type

Home for Children

Project Location

Gonaives, Haiti

Project Partner

CTA Design Builders

Project Start Date


Project Team

Buzz Tenenbom, Project Lead

Julia Atkins

Joseph Balachowski

Stone Faison

Maria Garcia Llop

Chelsea Gorkiewicz

Dick Hemmen

William Shrader


The Children's Home in Gonaives will provide earthquake and hurricane resistant housing for children who have lost families in similar natural disasters. Features of the design include rainwater harvesting, confined masonry construction using local labor for earthquake resistance, a raised floor system above flood levels, photovoltaic electric, sun shades which are removable for storms, composting toilets, and gardens for food production. The building will be a community resource and a safe haven during hurricanes and after earthquakes.

Positive Action for Haiti was founded by Djemson Jeudy, whose mother has cared for children who have needed a safe and welcoming space over many years. The new home will include bunk rooms and living spaces ideal for communal gathering. Features of the design include rain capture system for gardens which the children can tend for use in the home with the option to sell extra harvest in a nearby market.

The founder, Djemson, participated in Earth Corps in Seattle after having met multiple Seattle AWBS volunteers who engaged in volunteer disaster response efforts in Haiti, acting as a translator at that time, Djemson went on to realize a bigger vision for supporting his community in Haiti. The home will provide a space for children to learn about sustainable growing methods and earth conscious practices which Djemson learned through Earth Corps.

AWBS has completed the schematic design and design development phases of realizing the Children's Home, and CTA Design Builders, led by long time AWBS Project Lead Buzz Tenenbom, will guide the project through construction. 

PAH + AWBS video
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