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BONG COUNTY SCHOOL in Liberia - Volunteer Project Lead

Thousands of children went without any education during the 14 year civil war in Liberia.  Currently, the school is operating, but resides in shells of buildings destroyed in war.  400 students grades K-9 are being served in this less than adequate space. Now is the opportunity to re-build as a K-12 non-sectarian sustainable campus, providing special education & counseling to the children of the war, useful agricultural and technical training, along with the basic West African Education curriculum. AWB will provide site planning and schematic design, with selected vignettes, that will inspire the local community and enable the Mission of Hope to raise money for the construction of this project.

Skills, Attributes, Experience Needed


1.    A team leader with professional architectural training & experience, who will take responsibility to see the project through. We will support you in your efforts and help you form a team, as needed, from AWB’s many volunteers.

2.    Excellent communication skills – you’ll be leading your team and working with the Mission of Hope and the local Liberian community, along with sharing your ‘work in progress’ with the AWB-Seattle community.

3.    Knowledge of various 3D modeling programs and others (e.g. Photoshop) for design and presentation purposes.

4.    Experience with, or interest in, sustainable design along with identifying construction means and methods that can employ local labor and utilize local materials. 

5.    Experience with, or motivation to study educational systems/models and  local vernacular/historical architecture in West Africa, in concert with current world-wide trends.

6.    Experience establishing schedules and milestones for your work.



To be defined & selected with the Project Lead


Start Date

As soon as possible


Project Duration

6-12 month

Project Team Location

The Project Lead works with his/her team & AWB to establish meeting locations.  This can be once every two weeks or as needed.  Sometimes this might be virtual. There are monthly meetings of the Project Committee at the Center for Architecture and Design in downtown Seattle on the evening of the first Wednesday of the month, where the Project Lead can discuss and/or present the work in progress.  The Project Committee goal is to support the Leads.

Total Hours Needed



Anticipated Meeting Frequency

Monthly Project Committee, possible bi-weekly, design team, varies


o   Architecture

o   Landscape Architecture

o   Engineering

o   Construction

Interested in Applying to be the Project Lead?

Please complete this application and for questions, contact Buzz Tenonbom at

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