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Project Location

Kithii, near West Muhuru Bay, Kenya

Project Partner

Lift Up Africa

Kristy Szablya


Project Team

Sam Fleischmann - Project Lead

Mac Morgan

Stephen Wanderer

Katie Sistek

Jadwiga Pamula

# of AWB Volunteers



Kristy’s Cape Academy is located on the shore of Lake Victoria, at Kithii, near West Muhuru Bay. As an accomplished educator, Headmaster Warioba started a new school in March 2010 in an area where no school was operating prior to that date.

Initially a total of 12 children attended the school that was convened under a large tree, which is still a major convening point on the site. There are now over 300 students, of which 250 families pay tuition, 40 students are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS, and 10 families are unable to pay the fee of 150 KES ($1.75) per month. In Kenya, private schools (often the only schools within miles) receive no funds for education from the government and tuition must cover all costs.


This is a co-ed school; both boys and girls are encouraged to attend regardless of tribe, ethnicity, religion, or ability to pay. The school has an incredible success rate of keeping girls in school, which is not an easy feat in this cultural context.



The Academy is a primary school consisting of six grade levels – pre-Kindergarten through grade 4. Core academics including math, reading, writing, social studies, science, English language and Swahili are taught. Each year, the academic excellence has produced the top students in the Kitthi Warm exams. Specifically, the girls of Kristy’s Cape Academy have the top ranked scores of all the 16 schools. In addition, the school serves the community with a large field for playing soccer, a place for students to study, and a sanitary station with pit latrines and a small water tank.

Architects Without Borders – Seattle has been requested to design a site master plan with flexible and modular classrooms that can be replicated and expanded as construction funds become available.

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