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Internship - AWBS Past Projects


About Architects Without Borders Seattle (AWBS)

Founded in 2005 by a group of Seattle architects and designers in response to a devastating tsunami, Architects Without Borders Seattle (AWBS) is committed to providing pro bono services to build strong communities. AWBS is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. Volunteers are fundamental to our work as all of our project work is completely volunteer led and assisted. AWBS has one part time paid staff member, our Executive Director.

AWBS Mission and Values

AWBS volunteers collaborate with underserved communities to deliver ecologically sensitive, culturally appropriate, life-changing design. 

Core Values:

  • Appropriate design solutions are vital to communities and the environment

  • Collaborative long-term relationships with communities are essential to providing effective design assistance

  • Exchange of knowledge and skills can empower both communities and designers

  • Interdisciplinary teams create innovative and insightful projects

  • Volunteer passion, energy and efforts make our work possible


AWBS Past Projects

When AWBS was founded by a group of ‘can do’ volunteers, they were focused on jumping in to help as they were able. As the organization has matured, we recognize the need to capture information about our past projects. Though the organization has engaged in projects right here in Seattle and around the world, information about these projects is not in a central and easily usable format.


The intern’s role will be to collect information about past AWBS projects from a variety of sources and summarize the information to preserve the history of our work. This project will be highly valuable to present and future volunteers. The completed summary of historical projects will serve as a:


  • Database for future reference for storytelling, volunteer connection, community collaboration, etc

  • Mechanism to measure outcomes of AWBS project engagement

  • Relationship map to preserve community connections

Responsibilities of the Intern

  • Learn the basic processes of AWBS to inform collection of content of past projects

  • Collect information from a variety of sources including paper and electronic files, and possibly by contacting individuals linked to past projects

  • Compile information into a database which summarizes past projects

  • Report regularly with updates and to receive support from members of the AWBS Board of Directors


Skills and Qualifications

  • Passion for the mission of Architects Without Borders Seattle

  • Background or currently learning architecture and graphic design will be helpful but not required

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Detail oriented, the kind of person who enjoys making a ‘to do’ list and ticking off items

  • A self-starter who can work independently

  • A team player who wants to collaborate with AWBS leadership and volunteers

  • A flexible ‘can-do’ approach to work and life. Comfortable working towards an outcome knowing the process may not be straightforward

Time Commitment

Approximately 80 hours total commitment which could be performed between June and August based on a schedule which suits the intern. A brief weekly meeting for the duration of the project to touch base with Operations Committee members. Invitation to participate in regularly occurring meetings of AWBS to learn more about how we work towards our mission to deliver life-changing design. 

AWBS Support for Intern

AWBS does not have funds available to offer a paid internship, but we are open and interested in supporting an intern’s access to funding by supporting grant or scholarship applications which may be available to applicants. In addition, AWBS will provide a letter of reference or otherwise recommend the intern as will be helpful to that person. 

Application Process

To apply, please complete the application form HERE. Questions? Reach out to AWBS Executive Director, Melissa K Neher at

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