Project Type


Project Location

Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti

Project Partner

InspirAction Foundation

Project Start Date


Project Team

Buzz Tenebom - Project Lead

Jenn Chen

Donn DeVore

Masaye Harrison

Rachel Heldof

Chelsea Gorkiewicz

Anne Morris

Crystal Ng

Sam Ratnar

Ruth Timmons

# of AWB Volunteers




In collaboration with the InspirAction Foundation, whose mission is to support grassroots projects aiming to improve access to education and health, AWB-Seattle provided site assessment, master planning, and design services to build a sustainable primary school for 220 children who don’t have access to education, in an underprivileged community of Croix-des-bouquets.


The school will offer quality education, as well as a health follow-up and an assured meal daily to some of the most deprived children, preschool through 6th grade. The project will also train local community members in construction, education and management in order to develop a model for a small-scale, low-cost, community-based, autonomous, sustainable primary school to be exported to other communities around Haiti.


The targeted community is located in the De La Savanne neighborhood, in Croix-des-bouquets, on the outskirts of the capital Port-Au-Prince. The area has one of the fastest growing populations in Haiti and poverty is rampant. There are no schools serving this particular community and without access to education, the vicious circle of poverty will keep on perpetuating for the numerous children living there and their own children. The Foundation has acquired a piece of land in the heart of the targeted community and has started building relationships with the families.


Starting in the fall of 2012, Project Lead Buzz Tenenbom has worked with a talented team of designers and benefited from the generous IT support of EXP Technical, to develop the Pre-Design Report for InspirAction.

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