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Architecture and Design Book Sale

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In an event that we hope will be helpful for local architects, architecture students, and anyone interested in architecture and design, Architects Without Borders Seattle is holding a used architecture/design book sale on Sunday June 11th. We have collected over 1,000 books which will be set out for purchase at Mutuus Studios in Georgetown.  

Come see the titles we have collected! Walk away with book bargains and buy sustainably, all the while supporting Architects Without Borders Seattle. If you are a student, bring your ID and you will receive an additional 10% discount off of the AWBS marked price.  

If you have any questions about the sale, contact us at


The Business of Design

By Keith Granet

The Business of Design debunks the myth that business sense and creative talent are mutually exclusive, showing design professionals that they can pursue their passion and turn a profit. The book covers all aspects of running a successful design business, including human resources, client management, product development, marketing, and licensing.

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Pierre Chareau

By Marc Vellay and Kenneth Frampton

This is the translation of a very extensive monograph on the French architect, designer, interior decorator, and furniture maker who is best-known for his Maison de Verre built in Paris in the 1920s. The authors provide substantial text, excellent photographs, and a thorough catalog of the work of this Art Deco artist whose multi-faceted work has been overshadowed by the famous glass house. 

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Mutuus Studio

6118 12th Ave South, Georgetown,

Seattle WA.


Where Children Sleep

By James Mollison

"A remarkable series capturing the diversity of and, often, disparity between children’s lives around the world through portraits of their bedrooms" (Maria Popova Brainpickings) For more info:

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Cities and the Wealth of Nation

By Keith Granet

"Learned, iconoclastic and exciting...Jacobs' diagnosis of the decay of cities in an increasingly integrated world economy is on the mark."—New York Times Book Review

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The Image of the City

By Kevin Lynch

What does the city's form actually mean to the people who live there? What can the city planner do to make the city's image more vivid and memorable to the city dweller? To answer these questions, Mr. Lynch, supported by studies of Los Angeles, Boston, and Jersey City, formulates a new criterion—imageability—and shows its potential value as a guide for the building and rebuilding of cities. The wide scope of this study leads to an original and vital method for the evaluation of city form. The architect, the planner, and certainly the city dweller will all want to read this book.

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By Goran Schildt

With the full cooperation of the Alvar Aalto Foundation, Goran Schildt has explored its archives, and some 20,000 letters, memoranda and contemporary newspaper cuttings as well as many building models, to ensure that every work is included in this volume. It contains full descriptions, accompanied by abundant illustrations, of all of Aalto's realized and unrealized architectural projects: regional and urban plans, churches, theaters, libraries, museums, office and factory buildings, public housing, and private residences. 

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Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form

By Bill Holm

The analysis of the Northwest Coast Indian art that has become a classic since its publication in 1965.

First paperback edition 1970.

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Signed copy of Seattle Cityscape #2

By Victor Steinbrueck

Victor Steinbrueck is credited as one of the key designers of the Space Needle as well as an advocate for the historic preservation of Pioneer Square and Pike Place Market back in the day. 

Published in 1973, Good Condition with dust jacket
Signatured by Victor Steinbrueck in green ink

The Portfolio

By  Igor Marjanovic, Katerina Ruedi Ray, Lesley Naa Norle Lokko

The portfolio is the single most important part of every architectural student's education. This book is a complete guide to preparing, compiling and presenting this crucial element. Offers step-by-step advice for students on how to prepare and present their portfolios. 

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Green Buildlng Illustrated

By Francis D.K. Ching and Ian M. 

In the tradition of Building Construction Illustrated is a fully illustrated guide to the theory and practice of sustainable design. This guide provides architects, designers, and builders in the green design professional community a framework and detailed strategies for designing substantively green buildings. With a focus on sustainable sites, approaching and reaching net-zero energy, low and zero-water usage, minimum-impact materials and superior indoor environmental quality, this guide explains why we need to build green, as well as green building theory and advancements in the industry.

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Towards a New Architecture

By  Le Corbusier

Architectural historian Reyner Banham wrote that its influence was "beyond that of any other architectural work published in this [20th] century to date"

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The Sense of Beauty

By George Santayana

Quote from the book: "But an architecture of complexity and contradiction has a special obligation toward the whole: its truth must be in its totality or its implications of totality. It must embody the difficult unity of inclusion rather than the easy unity of exclusion. More is not less."

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City Comforts: How to Build an Urban Village

By David M. Sucher

A guide for how designers and citizens can create an "urban village". What is an "urban village"? David Sucher describes it as a city that gives us the intimacy and connection of a village, but with the scale and anonymity of a large city. This book is filled with pictorial examples of design features.

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