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We activate a network of volunteers to help communities and organizations in Seattle and around the world solve problems by applying skills of architectural practice and design.


We have an awesome selection of used books remaining from our book sale event!


Come see Story Boards at the Walk the Block, Wa Na Wari’s annual outdoor visual and performing arts festival that transforms the Central District Saturday, September 30th from 2pm to 6pm



The AWBS team is on master planning phases for 

The AWBS team led by Mark Nichols is in master planning phases for this center in Honduras where children and young adults are offered vocational and educational opportunities. 

 The Vocational Center of Morazan


 Vocational Center of Morazan:

We are on the designing stage for the 

We are on the designing stage for the Vocational Center of Morazan! In collaboration with a Honduras educational development organization, we are designing infrastructure where children and young adults are offered a vocational and educational curriculum. 

which could include a street mural, exterior facade painting design, plantings, and other street enhancements.

At Architects Without Borders Seattle, we believe in architecture’s ability to improve the environment, to enhance quality of life, and to lift the human spirit. We do this by providing pro bono services to underserved communities and organizations everywhere.

Does your community or community-serving organization have a need?

Use your professional skills by volunteering on projects, mission strategy, or events. Earn AXP credits towards professional licensure for your volunteer hours. 

See projects that have been designed with communities around the world.

 Positive Action for Haiti

AWBS  attended the open house by Positive Action for Haiti

Gabby, Buzz, and Stephen from AWBS attended an open house hosted by Positive Action for Haiti this spring. There, Djemson Jeudy shared a presentation and heartening news of the progress for the Children's Home project in Gonaives.


 Rainier Beach Action Coalition

The AWBS team is studying site and exterior design improvements for the

Molly Evans is studying site and exterior design improvements for the Rainier Beach Action Coalition's Food Innovation Center, which is under construction. The work could include street murals, exterior facade graphics, and other street enhancements near the light rail station in Rainier Beach. 

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Through an installation featuring oral histories, music, and art, StoryBoards shares the personal stories of residents of Seattle’s Central District.

AWBS' design for StoryBoards was presented at the Seattle Design Festival in August 2023 and will be installed at the Walk the Block arts festival in September 2023.

It includes perspectives on gentrification, as well as stories of innovation, tenacity, solidarity, celebration, art, and beauty.

StoryBoards was created in collaboration with Wa Na Wari and the Shelf Life Community Story Project, as well as artists Yirim Seck and Perri Rhoden.

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