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We activate a network of volunteers to help communities and organizations in Seattle and around the world solve problems by applying skills of architectural practice and design

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At Architects Without Borders Seattle, we believe in architecture’s ability to improve the environment, to enhance quality of life, and to lift the human spirit. We do this by providing pro bono services to underserved communities and organizations everywhere.

Does your community or community-serving organization have a need?

Use your professional skills by volunteering on projects, mission strategy, or events. Earn AXP credits towards professional licensure for your volunteer hours. 

See projects that have been designed with communities around the world.

WaiHarvest004 (1)_edited.jpg

Positive Action for Haiti Children's Home

In a country facing so many challenges right now, it is heartening that the dormitory building of the Children's Home in Gonaives is constructed and occupied. This building project provides earthquake/hurricane resistant housing for children while supporting vital community agriculture and solar electricity production.

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