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Before clicking the button, have ready: 

  • Up to 3 pictures of your carved pumpkin on png format

  •  A max 100 letters description of your masterpiece

  • Contact information (Complete name, Cell Phone number, email)

  • Any credit, debit or paypal paying option for purchasing the $25 dls entrance ticket.


Architects Without Borders stands as a non-profit organization committed to fostering positive change by harnessing the skills inherent in architectural practice and design. We mobilize a dedicated network of volunteers to extend assistance to communities and organizations both in Seattle and across the global landscape. 

As a testament to our ongoing efforts, we are having our annual pumpkin carving contest. This event has a twofold purpose: to raise funds in support of our ongoing projects and to engage the community in a fun and creative endeavor. 

We welcome you to be a part of this exciting competition by purchasing a $25 entrance ticket. This will grant you access to a platform where you can exhibit your artistic abilities by submitting a photograph of your carved pumpkin. Our contest encompasses three distinct categories: Artistic, Spooky and Funny.

As for the tools of your craft, there are no limitations. Utilize a natural pumpkin and as many tools as you need to manifest your vision. In this context, your creativity knows no bounds!
The champions of each category will be the carved pumpkins that amass the highest number of votes. There will be a winner for each of the three categories.

Unleash your voting prowess without restraint, for there is no cap on the number of times you can cast your ballot.

Each vote, however, carries a dollar's worth of impact, as the entirety of these funds directly bolsters the projects driven by our organization.

Every vote cast is a tangible contribution toward our mission.

Vote and carve for a cause!




last year's participants

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