Projects in

Mt Everest Biogas Project
Base Camp of Mt. Everest, Nepal
Every year, more than 13 tons of human solid waste is carried down from Mt. Everest and is being dumped in open, unlined pits. AWB is partnering with Engineers Without Borders to design a digester to treat the waste and solve this environmental problem.


Deboche Nunnery
Khumbu Region of Mt. Everest, Nepal
AWB is supporting the critical renovation of the Deboche Convent, one of the oldest Buddhist nunneries outside of Tibet. The project will work on renovating the living quarters and the design of a new meditation center.


Venilale Community Meeting Hall
Venilale, East Timor
This project was designed to provide a venue for women, youth, farmers, craftspeople, and other citizens to hold meetings, stage ceremonies, attend workshops, and share ideas. It serves as a place of convergence and coordination and contributes to increased cooperation between Venilale’s citizens.
Kalapuwa Sri Boys Orphanage
Columbo, Sri Lanka
Kalapuwa Sri Project involves the design and documentation of a new orphanage facility located near the city of Colombo in Sri Lanka. The new facility will more than double the capacity of the existing Sumadra Sri Orphanage.