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Vocational Center of Morazan
This active project is a collaboration with a Honduras educational development organization which supports the creation of infrastructure where children and young adults are offered a vocational and educational curriculum.
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Positive Action for Haiti Children's Home
Gonaives, Haiti
The Children's Home in Gonaives will provide earthquake and hurricane resistant housing for children who have lost families in similar natural disasters.
GOCARE Learning Campus
El Madrono, Nicaragua
Construction is complete for the GoCare Learning Campus, which offers vocational and advanced programs where students will earn INATEC (Innovation y Prestigio Tecnologico Nacional) certification.
Fog Water Farms Project
Lomas de Zapallal, Peru
This project focuses on the design and evaluation of fog harvesting technologies that provide clean water to help Lima’s slum communities adapt to increasing water scarcity and improve access to food through the irrigation of public green spaces and gardens.
Cabaret High School
Cabaret, Haiti
We have completed an ambitious schematic design for a high school and professional training center in peri-urban Haiti that will include training on agriculture, mechanics, and fisheries with plans to educate 3000 students each year.
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Educate 2 Envision Academy of Excellence for Girls
Esquias, Honduras
Educate 2 Envision empowers girls in rural Honduras through education. Caron Architecture partnered with AWBS to put together a team of designers, with additional volunteers joining from disciplines such as landscape design and engineering.
Community Gardens
Lomas de Zapallal, Peru
This project was designed to bring more gardens to people living near Lima, Peru. Through a series of workshops, residents were given guidance and materials to do their garden construction at their homes. 29 home gardens were constructed.
Escuela Saludable y Ecologica
Lomas de Zapallal, Peru
This project includes a school and park design to provide vital access between the school’s central gathering area and the primary school, green space in an otherwise barren desert landscape and areas for students to relax and play. The goal is to improve human well-being and ecological health.
Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti
This project is providing site assessment, master planning, and design services to build a sustainable primary school for 220 children who don’t have access to education, in an underprivileged community of Croix-des-bouquets.
Haiti Rebuilding Effort
During the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, trained volunteers in Haiti worked to assess the buildings left standing, with a strong emphasis on providing professional resources to building owners/residents. These safety assessments were the first step to getting people back in their homes.
San Miguel Escobar
San Miguel Escobar, Guatemala
AWB-Seattle is supporting this community with the design of a new school complex and vocational training center. This project will serve as a prototype for sustainable, community-built education and local enterprise facilities in Guatemala.
Hurricane Katrina Response
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Just after Hurricane Katrina hit landfall, volunteers lent a hand in emergency response. Three groups, a total of 11 volunteer architects, interns and a contractor, assisted in assessing public owned facilities, residences, and small businesses for building damage.
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